Welcome to Empire Collective

Behind the doors at Empire Collective, is a group of individuals who spend their day to days Managing Music/Gaming Influencers, and work with Labels, Game Developers, and Brands on Music, Game, and Product Placements across our
network of over 90 million monthly visitors.

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Connect with YouTube Music Curators.

Are you an Independent Artist or Label looking for song placements on our network of Music Curators on YouTube? Let’s connect.


Music Curator on YouTube?

Partner with Empire Collective, and open several new revenue streams for your brand and channel, including making money from simply listening to music.

Influencer Management

Looking for the infrastructure and team to help take your career to the next level? Let’s connect.

Influencer Marketing

Have a clothing line, or a product/service you’d like to advertise to our network of over 90 million monthly visitors? Let’s chat.